P?l Undall

Pål Undall – Author

Pål was born in Oslo, lived there until he went to business school in the US, tried being a consultant for a while, then lectured in finance at Oslo School of Business, applied his skills to set up a successful arts supply business, tried his hand at pottery until there were no more ceramic mugs and fishes to be created, before finally becoming an author.

He still lives on the outskirts of Oslo with his wife and daughter, loves fishing and the outdoors, plays a mean game of golf, loves life and hates flying, yet his mind soars with ideas for his next literary masterpiece.

Disclaimer: Pål never killed anyone in this class photo.

Kim Wingerei

Kim Wingerei – Translator

Kim lived the first half of his life in Oslo, Norway, interspersed with stints in Stockholm and Chicago, before coming to Melbourne, Australia. He now shares his time between the wonderful Gold Coast and the serenity of Ubud, Bali.

A businessman and entrepreneur who has experienced success and failures in equal measure, learnt more from the latter on a circuitous route to becoming a writer and translator. He loves sailing and skiing, pondering the meaning of life through poetry, reads a lot, has strong opinions and is determined to change the world.

He has neither killed anyone, nor has he ever heard any sounds of murder. Or has he?