A Monster Box of Gold

The allure of gold dates back to ancient Egypt about 3,000 years BC. At least that’s when it first became a “thing”, archaeologists believe flakes of gold were found in Paleolithic caves dating back as far as 40,000 B.C.

In modern times, gold was seen as the paragon of fiduciary value, underpinning our monetary system. At least until Richard Nixon and his band of free-wheeling economists decided to break the bond between gold and the dollar back in 1971. The jury is still out on how smart that actually was…

But gold’s luster survived and is still seen as a safe haven for investors, and the “Monster Box” is now very much the “thing”. A Monster Box consists of 500 coins each weighing 1 ounce, pr approx. 28 grams. At the time of writing that is a box of metal weighing about 15 kg and worth around U$ 700,000 at the time of writing.

Marius wanted two of them, Scrooge McDuck had a whole vault full of coins,
and you can buy your very own Monster Box here!